Solid phase

A step ahead in pneumatic conveying technology

The solid phase conveying system is part of our broad range of materials handling systems. It is based on our most advanced technology to meet the requirements of today’s modern aluminium smelter.

Our solid phase system features a special pneumatic conveyor designed for handling dry bulk materials with compressed air. The automatic system works at a low air velocity in the conveying pipe and enables a high material-to-air ratio. It is the result of extensive research, tested initially on a model scale and subsequently in plants with industrial applications.

Uses 50 per cent less air

The application consists of a specially developed pressure vessel, a conveying pipe and special diverters. Compressed air is supplied by a separate centralised source. This breakthrough technology reduces air consumption by up to 50 per cent compared to a standard dense phase system.

Due to its extremely low conveying speed (similar to an air gravity conveying system), the system gently conveys your product and generates no additional fines and reduces wear.

Our system can be routed in any direction, horizontally or vertically, making it readily adaptable to both existing plants and greenfield projects.