Our hybrid potfeed system is based on the patented solid phase (fluidised conveying system) which feeds a series of wall hoppers.

Once the first wall hopper is filled, the alumina flows automatically to the next hopper. This is repeated until the last hopper is filled. From the different wall hoppers, the alumina is then conveyed via a horizontal air gravity conveyor to the individual pot.

Compelling benefits

  • Horizontal fluidised conveying system along the potroom which can be routed in any direction
  • No attrition
  • No need to elevate the enriched alumina silos after the gas treatment centres
  • Conveying system installed inside the potroom
  • No walkways and platforms required
  • No additional foundations or building extensions required
  • Enriched and fresh alumina conveyed to dedicated pots
  • Due to low conveying capacities, no scaling on pot
  • Extremely low power consumption

The hybrid system combines the advantages of our dense phase potfeed system and low pressure airslide systems