Healthand safety

Safety is about people

At REEL Alesa our employees and contractors are our most valuable asset. Their health and safety are of the utmost importance to us. That is why we are committed to protecting their wellbeing so that they continue to thrive both at work and at home.

Our high quality training programmes build and reinforce a strong collective and individual HSE mindset among employees. The result is a workplace where all employees and contractors knows that they make a difference.

Our HSE programmes promote the skills, knowledge, experience and desire to work safely and do the right thing. Doing the right thing means choosing Zero Harm every time. Employees and contractors are motivated by a sense of responsibility for their own safety, the safety of their peers and the safety of the communities in which we operate.

Our guiding principles

  • We make HSE a primary focus in our way of life.
  • We make HSE an integral part of every job.
  • We are passionate HSE believers and leaders.
  • We work together to identify and eliminate risks.
  • We value human life above all else.

Our commitment: Zero Harm by choice

At REEL Alesa we believe that Zero Harm is attainable. We continually strive to build the most efficient and effective organisation. The more efficient and effective we are, the safer our employees and contractors are.

A clear vision

In HSE, we adhere to a clear vision that is shared across our entire organisation.

“We choose, as individuals and teams, to support each other to create a workplace that is free of health, safety and environmental incidents.”

To attain this vision, we adopted a safety culture model where attitudes and behaviours drive our ability to achieve excellent HSE performance levels. Our vision empowers us to align our values and goals with our actual behaviour.

HSE principles

Our unwavering focus on six essential principles helps us eliminate hazards and occupational illnesses from our workplace. These principles also enable us to keep a Zero Harm mindset at the heart of our organisation.

  • We are strong and passionate HSE leaders across all levels of our organisation.
  • We adopt sound and consistent risk management practices and transparent reporting behaviours.
  • We manage risks through our ‘Signature’ Safety Roadmap.
  • We promote cooperation by fostering meaningful employee engagement and integrating contractors as partners.
  • We provide high quality HSE training.
  • We control critical risks through effective monitoring, assessments and reviews.

Our safety culture model

“Think again; change your thoughts and you’ll change your world.”

At REEL Alesa we believe that our attitude drives our behaviour which in turn determines our results. The attitude of our people defines our effectiveness and shapes our safety journey. People constitute an important driver in our safety culture model and overall strategy to sustain a high performance organisation.

We understand the danger of letting our guard down by becoming too comfortable in our systems and ways. The type and worldwide locations of our projects and facilities require a strong HSE culture with constant vigilance and a robust but agile system to deliver our vision.

Robust HSE culture

Developing a robust HSE culture is an ongoing journey of continuous improvement. We must constantly invest in strengthening the HSE mindset of our people to ensure their commitment to this journey.

To support this mindset we have adopted an integrated cultural model that encompasses our entire organisation, including people, practices, the environment and leadership.

Periodic safety culture surveys are conducted to continually hone our systems and pinpoint the areas requiring improvement.

Characterised by a ‘chronic sense of unease,’ our proactive HSE culture allows us to address any gaps and sustain our commitment to Zero Harm.

  • We work together to prevent people from being hurt.
  • Employees and contractors are treated with dignity and respect.
  • Their contributions and involvement are encouraged and valued.
  • There is an open and trusting reporting culture.

Safety leadership

Critical to sustaining Zero Harm

Safety leadership is critical to our Zero Harm culture. Through our specialised safety leadership development programmes, employees are mentored to drive our health and safety performance with passion, energy and a clear vision.

At REEL Alesa we manage our sites so that our vision becomes the standard rather than the exception. We lead through comprehensive planning and thorough execution, drawing a clear line between what is acceptable and unacceptable. Working in this way, we believe all injuries can be prevented.

Show we care

Simple gestures, big impact

  • Expectations: We challenge our workforce to do better, keeping safety expectations clear and high.
  • Framing: Treating our employees as professionals enables us to develop a responsible and accountable workforce.
  • Communication: Our employees’ goals are important to us. We align our safety messages with these goals, making it easier for employees to progress along our safety journey.

Safety interactions

We believe there is a strong link between how we communicate and the results we get. We also believe “you can only change what you are willing to own.”

At REEL Alesa we use a behaviour based management tool called safety interactions to communicate and replace unsafe behaviours with safe ones. This tool encourages employees to take ownership of safety matters.

A safety interaction includes the following steps:

  1. Give employees positive reinforcement first.
  2. Ask rather than tell them what the safer alternative is.
  3. Foster their engagement by encouraging them to ‘think’ rather than work on auto pilot and mechanically follow the ‘rules’ when it comes to safety or the task at hand.
  4. Seize every opportunity to interact with employees.

In parallel we also employ other safety related tools including:

  • Protect our hands
  • Golden rules
  • Daily Lean board huddle meetings
  • Toolbox talks
  • Leader focus groups
  • Safety shares

We choose, as individuals and teams, to support each other to create a workplace that is free of health, safety and environmental incidents.