HDPS™ siphon

Newly patented technology

The HDPS™ siphon is a newly patented technology. It combines the horizontal portion of an HDPS conveyor with vertical fluidised hyper dense sections. This breakthrough solution allows the HDPS™ conveyor to travel over or around obstacles such as roads and passageways.

Compelling benefits

  • High flexibility for HDPS™ conveyor implementation while preserving its many advantages
  • Accommodates several metres of vertical portions
  • The only solution that combines horizontal and vertical portions while keeping a continuous, slow and gentle motion of bulk material
  • Fluidisation under low pressure for low energy consumption
  • Low product velocity and no attrition of material
  • No moving components, no wear and safe system
  • Environmentally friendly and dust free
  • Output capacity of up to hundreds of tonnes per hour over hundreds of metres
  • Self-balanced, no moving parts