Hyper dense phasetechnology (HDPS™)

Known under the brand HDPS™, we developed our hyper dense phase technology in 1984. We are continuously improving this technology which today is available for various functions and configurations.

Compelling benefits

  • Fluidisation with very low pressure for low energy consumption
  • Horizontal, with no slope, reducing costs for potroom structures
  • Can be combined with vertical portions (see HDPS™ Siphon)
  • Multipoint or mono-point continuous distribution
  • Low product velocity eliminating attrition of material
  • No moving components, no wear and safe system
  • Environmentally friendly and dust free
  • Output capacity of up to hundreds of tonnes per hour over hundreds of metres
  • Self balanced, no moving parts

Our exclusive patented HDPS™ technology is perfectly suited for fluidisable bulk materials requiring careful horizontal handling to address attrition over long distances