Bath processplants

Our technology significantly improves pot operation and current efficiency while overcoming the well‑known challenges associated with the conventional process.

Autogenous crushing with gravity discharge

Our crushing process is based on a high capacity autogenous crusher with gravity discharge. The crusher is custom designed to meet your exact bath materials requirements. Low energy consumption, low maintenance and long lifetime are among the benefits generated by our core bath processing equipment.

Bath material mixing

The various fractions are mixed in the quantities required to maintain a given grain size distribution.

Compelling benefits

  • Low maintenance
  • Equipment designed specifically for bath processing plants
  • Energy efficient
  • Integrated magnetic separators
  • Fully automatic ‘unbreakables’ discharge
  • Hot bath processing
  • Fully enclosed, dust free process
  • Consistent bath quality

Our technology in this field covers the entire bath cycle. It ensures that a consistent bath materials mixture is returned to the pot.