The leading pot processcontrol system

REEL Alesa delivers and implements ALPSYS®, the world’s most advanced pot process control system.

This self-standing system enables comprehensive pot regulation and reduction potline management. It can be implemented when building a new potline or replacing an older pot process control system.

ALPSYS® continues to generate unsurpassed value for end-users on numerous projects by:

  • Delivering an efficient end to end operating system to meet customer needs right from start-up
  • Integrating the latest AP Technology™ process control technologies
  • Adhering to rigorous and proven implementation planning

Compelling benefits

  • Maximising current efficiency
  • Controlling voltage and energy consumption
  • Reducing anode effects
  • Increased labour productivity
  • Easy access to pot control parameters

ALPSYS® pot control system

As an experienced aluminium industry insider, REEL Alesa helps smelters around the globe increase pot efficiency and lower anode effects.

The result is:

  • Highest current efficiency
  • Lowest anode effect rate
  • Shortest anode effect duration
  • Lowest DC consumption

Reduction managers worldwide choose our state of the art process control system including both hardware and software. Whether driving the latest AP60 or other pot technologies, ALPSYS® boosts the performance of your reduction process by:

  • Maximising current efficiency through tight control of anode/cathode distance, bath chemistry and alumina feeding
  • Reducing your smelter’s environmental footprint by lowering the anode effect rate and related gas emissions as well as controlling voltage and energy consumption
  • Empowering operators with easy detection of abnormal pots and access to operating parameters
  • Increasing labour productivity through a work management programme, advanced and flexible reporting as well as an integrated infrastructure

Advanced pot process control worldwide