About us

Our mission

At REEL Alesa we strive to be best in class by providing our customers with quality tailor-made solutions that respect our Zero Harm culture.

  1. To deliver customised solutions to the global aluminium industry from the calciner to the pot including:
    • Selected technologies
    • Key components and equipment
    • State of the art services
  2. To provide selected engineering services and materials handling technologies and services to the power, mining, steel, cement and fertilizer industries.
  3. To deliver solutions, systems and services that respect our Zero Harm culture.

Our values

Our values are integrity, accountability, teamwork, trust and transparency. They guide the way we work and together ensure a shared meaning and common language globally, wherever we are operating.

Our principles

To build value, performance and leadership, we strive to foster responsibility, respect and determination among our employees, suppliers and partners.

Acting with respect and determination reinforces REEL Alesa's established strengths – our technology leadership, our pioneering spirit and our ability to operate worldwide. This is our legacy and the key to our future.

Our primary objective is to create value for customers, employees and partners by leveraging our engineering know-how in selected markets.

The world’s future depends on the healthy and sustainable development of the environment. At REEL Alesa we are committed to the responsible use of natural resources.

Through our know-how in materials handling, smelting and automation technologies, we enable you to improve your performance while minimising your environmental impact.

Highest quality solutions

Our global presence and track record ensure you derive the benefits of consistent top quality products and systems. So does our unwavering approach to business which is value based, leadership driven and performance oriented.

Research and development

REEL Alesa is the leading provider of materials handling and process plant solutions. By continuously developing new systems and plants, we help you maintain your competitive edge.


Innovation is the foundation of our past and the key to our future.

Our experience with heavy industry technologies spans several decades of success as a solutions partner. By staying at the leading edge of innovation and new technologies, we meet the needs of a diverse global clientele.

Central to our success is a team of experienced engineers, scientists and technology professionals who shape solutions to the most complex projects.

Our team

Our dedicated team of highly skilled specialists can be quickly deployed to your facility, anywhere on the planet.

Our specialists draw on the experience of a pool of qualified professionals within both our business group and our parent company REEL.

Our vision

To be the undisputed leader and preferred provider of innovative and sustainable materials handling and process plant solutions that surpass our customers’ expectations